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La Strato gravure

Strato-Gravure: The Art by Yaëlle Beatrix

What is Strato-Gravure?

StratoGravure is an artistic technique invented by Yaëlle Beatrix. Simple in its concept yet profound in meaning, it involves layering paint on a solid support. Once these layers are applied, the artist meticulously scrapes them off. This process reveals striking contrasts and highlights different color strata, embodying the idea of layering and engraving inherent in the technique's name.

Who is Yaëlle Beatrix?

Yaëlle Beatrix is a prominent figure in contemporary art. She has gained recognition for her innovative approaches to visual arts. Focusing on StratoGravure, yaelle Beatrix explores new artistic expressions and techniques. Her unique methods challenge the norms of traditional painting and promote a deeper engagement with the materials used.

The Technique of Strato-Gravure

In StratoGravure, artists apply several paint layers onto a sturdy base. The subsequent scraping is a critical step. This technique does more than just remove material. It also reveals the hidden layers beneath. Such a dynamic interplay fosters a sense of discovery in the viewer. The method draws inspiration from natural processes such as erosion and sedimentation. It echoes the way natural elements layer over time, then reveal their true forms.

Philosophical and Artistic Inspirations

Yaëlle Beatrix approaches Strato-Gravure with a philosophical depth that transcends traditional painting techniques. She uses this method as a way to reveal the inherent realities of the canvas, capturing life's transient and imperfect nature. Each applied layer signifies a moment in time; the scraping symbolizes the revelation of hidden depths and untold stories. This process not only highlights the beauty of imperfection but also provides profound commentary on the essence of art and existence. Beatrix believes that through Strato-Gravure, she can leave an indelible mark in our ever-changing world, symbolizing the lasting impact of art in capturing ephemeral moments.

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